I usually try my hardest to keep my blog as professional as possible. This meaning I don’t discuss relationships or what I had for breakfast, but instead just try to share special visual moments and bits of local news. But today, I’m making an exception. Why? Because I’m angry. I’m frustrated. I’m genuinely fucking sad. … Continue reading


I now know that my natural reaction to news of an earthquake is to seek out some of the world’s best mac n’ cheese and eat it for lunch.





Judgment Day (We Made It)


A day with Tin Horses/hanging out with friends:



If you know me at all, you know that I have three weaknesses. They are: babies animals delicious food You might be saying “duh” right now since millions of other people would probably say they love these things too. But these are the three things that no matter how terrible my day has been, a … Continue reading


Sorry for the lack of posts! Things have been a little crazy. Let’s just use that term loosely for now. During the last weekend of February, I had the pleasure to photograph an awesome young lady’s Sweet 16 party. It definitely felt more like fun than work because of the people I got to hang … Continue reading