My friends shouted out to me to head into my backyard to check out the sky that looked like “crimped hair”. Good friends.


When I have a break and I’m in Center City, I go to La Colombe to have a double macchiato and talk to Amiri.


One of the major things I’ve picked up on over the years of being a photographer is how obvious it is to tell the mood of a photographer through his or her images. It’s pretty clear when scanning through my photographs whether or not I had any attachment to or interest in the subject matter. … Continue reading


I usually try my hardest to keep my blog as professional as possible. This meaning I don’t discuss relationships or what I had for breakfast, but instead just try to share special visual moments and bits of local news. But today, I’m making an exception. Why? Because I’m angry. I’m frustrated. I’m genuinely fucking sad. … Continue reading


I now know that my natural reaction to news of an earthquake is to seek out some of the world’s best mac n’ cheese and eat it for lunch.



8.7.11, pt. II