One of the major things I’ve picked up on over the years of being a photographer is how obvious it is to tell the mood of a photographer through his or her images. It’s pretty clear when scanning through my photographs whether or not I had any attachment to or interest in the subject matter. Ever since owning an iPhone (and wonderful photo apps like Instagram were invented) I’ve been guilty of leaving my dSLR at home when hanging out with friends. I mean – friends tend to get awkward and intimidated by the big body and lens anyway and it makes it hard to capture authentic moments right on-the-go. But once in awhile it’s nice to lug around your equipment and embarrass your friends in public. Because the portraits you walk away with tend to be strikingly beautiful and uniquely personal when photographing the ones you love.

On that note, last night I attended my friend Conrad’s (creator/editor/contributor of the street art blog, Streets Dept) photo show at La Va at 21st & South and brought my camera with me. The photos currently being displayed in the coffee shop/gallery are from his series “Apartment Complex” which highlights some of Philadelphia’s most creative residents’ homes. The photos are up for the next two months or so – so if you missed last night you still have time to go check them out.

One Response to “1.11.12”
  1. Gina SMyth says:

    Look at Louisa and Conrad….cute lil’ face club!

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