It’s wedding season and I’ve had the pleasure of photographing two within a week’s time! The first was a traditional Korean wedding, held in the suburbs just outside Philadelphia. I wasn’t sure what to expect being that I had never attended or even heard what makes a Korean wedding unique. I went in with fresh eyes and left feeling totally immersed and in love with their culture. I was definitely on my toes the whole time for the fact that the entire ceremony and reception was lead in Korean and the only Korean word I know is “anyeong” (thanks, Arrested Development) – but I managed to get by just fine. However, if you saw the amount of of delicious kimchee, kimbap, and naengmyeon I consumed I’m sure you’d say I did a little more than “fine”.

The more I photograph weddings the more I realize that my favorite part of the whole wedding process is photographing the bride getting ready with her bridesmaids. I love the quiet, anxious yet excited hours that build up to the time that the bride walks down the aisle. It almost always serves as the perfect time to bond with the bride and her family. I spent 7.5 hours with Hanna before the ceremony even started. It was a special day divided up between time spent at home, the Macy’s makeup counter, and the church. My favorite part was definitely hanging out in Hanna’s home (barefoot, of course) while her closest friends and relatives (who flew in from Korea the day before) watched her get ready.

Here is a rough edit of some of my favorites from the getting ready process:


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