Conrad Benner tries out DJing for the first time at the launch party for his new blog, StreetsDept.com.  The Fishtown native photographs and writes about all the latest involving art, fashion, music and food on the streets of Philadelphia.

I shot this with the Canon G12. About that:

Most photographers will tell you that it’s not about the camera – it’s about the photographer. This is true for the most part. I was shooting with the same 6 megapixel beginner’s DSLR  for five years before I upgraded. It got me into college and even a few jobs. If you have decent light to work with and a scene that is screaming at you with loads of interesting composition and excitement, you don’t need a $5,000 camera to shoot with. However, with the photographs side by side, you’ll definitely be able to tell the difference. My advice to all those unable to afford pro equipment: be as creative as possible and you just might be able to stand ground next to all the pros.

I’m at the point in my career where I’m upgrading my equipment as much as possible but being a recent graduate with a hefty amount of loans on my plate, it’s hard enough to pay my rent. While I like to carry my SLR with me all the time, there are times I feel it becoming way too much of a liability and it ends up getting in the way of me having fun. Since owning the Canon G12, I no longer have to worry about this problem. It’s probably the greatest point-and-shoot on the market so I don’t feel guilty about not bringing my heavy SLR out with me wherever I go. It’s a 10.0 megapixel camera with a 28 mm wide-angle lens and it also shoots 720p HD video in stereo sound. It even shoots in both RAW and JPEG! Crazy, right? Basically, it’s a dream come true for photographers dealing with separation anxiety from leaving their SLRs at home. I also should probably mention that I’m a Nikon user when it comes to my pro equipment. Feel free to call me a total traitor.


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